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The Independent Hearings Panel has been appointed, in accordance with the Canterbury Earthquake (Christchurch Replacement District Plan) Order 2014, to hear submissions and make decisions on all parts of the Proposed Christchurch District Plan.

The Christchurch City Council is reviewing the operative Christchurch and Banks Peninsula District Plans. The Proposed Christchurch Replacement District Plan is intended to deliver a single District Plan that facilitates the recovery and development of Christchurch.

The hearings for stages 1, 2 and 3 are nearly complete.  The Independent Hearings Panel will deliberate and issue the remaining decisions in due course.  The Council will notify submitters of the Panel’s decisions as they become available.  All decisions are posted on this website under Decisions.

The Hearing dates and any other procedural steps on any additional proposals will be determined following pre-hearing meetings.  Details can be found on the Hearings page.  The relevant dates are included in the Pre-Hearing Report and Directions and are also posted under Key Dates.

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For details of specific hearing dates and times and how the hearings will be run, please click here.

All parties are encouraged to regularly check this website for notices, updates and changes in hearings schedules to ensure they are kept up to date. The Hearings Panel expects submitters, counsel, and witnesses to attend the Hearings Venue at least one hour before they are scheduled to appear and requests that all parties attending are flexible with time changes when required.

Submitters are welcome to contact the Friend of Submitter, Richard Ball, who provides assistance with understanding the hearings process.  Richard can be contacted by phone: 0800 777 441 or email: